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Tesla Autopilot: 1 billion miles driven, with the next billion coming up fast

MIT researchers are tracking this ongoing real-world beta test

MIT researchers are tracking this ongoing real-world beta test.

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Creating ink from car exhaust

There's no reason saving the planet can't be fun

There's no reason saving the planet can't be fun.

Lamborghini and MIT to debut new supercar concept next week

This is Lamborghini's vision of the future.

This may be the Aventador replacement.

MIT drones switch between flying and driving, whichever's best

Like an animal in nature, transitioning between walking and flying.

Chaos leads to stronger carbon fiber

Now you're cooking with science.

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Air Ink from Graviky Labs | Autoblog Minute

Graviky Labs is turning air pollution into useable ink.

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SpaceX Hyperloop Competition | Autoblog Minute

3 schools qualified for the first Hyperloop competition in Hawthorne, CA.

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Moral Machine website from M.I.T. | Autoblog Minute

MIT website examines moral dilemmas facing driverless cars.

MIT research says carpooling services could replace most NYC cabs

Fewer vehicles would be more efficient, MIT argues.

MIT adds new material to supercapacitor for better EVs, maybe

The secret lies in the metal-organic frameworks.

Raise your hand if you know what a metal-organic framework is. We didn't.

MIT: Quit pretending that you couldn't live with an EV

We don't drive as much as we think we do.

Even a Nissan Leaf would work for almost everyone.

Ford and MIT making LiDAR-equipped shuttle services that learn

For MIT students, it will be like taking Uber to class.

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Duckietown allows M.I.T. researchers to test self-driving cars | Autoblog Minute

M.I.T's "Duckietown" allows researchers perfect the complex sciences behind autonomous driving. This video shows off their work. Eddie Sabatini reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute.

How might autonomous cars shape our cities?

If you don't need traffic lights, there's no reason to install them.

The way we change transport could change the way our cities look. It probably will, in fact.

MIT plan may eliminate the need for traffic lights

If the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has its way, the future of personal transportation might be smart intersections rather than self-driving cars.

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The Future Of Traffic | Autoblog Minute

Researchers including those at MIT are envisioning the roadways of the future.

MIT students win Hyperloop pod design competition

The School Will Build A Vehicle To Test On The First Hyperloop Track

The SpaceX design competition for a Hyperloop pod was won by a group of MIT students.

Toyota hires team of experts for billion-dollar AI lab

Paving The Way For A Robotic Future

The Toyota Research Institute announces the first hires for its technical team working on artificial intelligence and robotics.

Toyota to invest $50M in AI research, will team with Stanford and MIT

We, For One, Welcome Our New Robot Overlords

Toyota is dedicating itself to research into artificial intelligence, announcing a partnership with MIT and Stanford University.

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