MIT develops system for wireless electricity, dubbs it WiTricity

As a blogger, we often live on our electronic gadgetry like laptops, cell phones and digital cameras, and I am absolutely certain that many of our readers use the same devices and more in their everyday life. So, I am sure that you will agree with me that you would love to cut all the cords that tether these mobile devices into power outlets. Ever tripped on a laptop cord? I've seen many damaged laptops that hit the deck after the cord was tripped on! Researchers at MIT, using funding from the Army Research Office (Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies), National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy might have come up with a solution to this problem.

Imagine the possibilities of this system for a moment. The automotive applications are obvious, imagine not needed cell phone adapters and the like in your car. But, imagine for a moment an electric recharging station where all you had to do was drive up into a designated spot, turning on the wireless charging. The researchers are certainly not suggesting wireless electric car charging at this point, but it would certainly be cool if that were possible. I'll take a wait and see attitude with this new technology, as I do with most. But I am extra hopeful that this turns out to be commercially feasible.

[Source: MIT via Engadget]

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