RoboScooter: Very scooter, not so robo

Popular Mechanics has done a bit of a follow up on a little scooter from the labs of MIT we originally told you about back in the beginning of January. In a good news/bad news story with enough new detail to make it worth the read, we learn, among other things, that the the scooter is "going to make it" but that, contrary to its name, "it's not very robotic". So, although you could one day find yourself whizzing through downtown traffic on this little machine you just rented from your neighborhood scooter vending rack, you are still going to have to steer it with traditional handlebars. It won't fold itself back up and put itself away once you reach your destination and it won't talk to and protect you from the evil ones a la Johnny Five either.

But, on the upside, it will feature a handy, removable li-ion battery (no mention of the specific chemistry) and should be available in Asian markets in about a year. The delivery date of the first working prototype from MIT Smart Cities group to Taiwanese scooter maker, SYM, is April 1st.

[Source: Popular Mechanics with a h/t to Matt S.]

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