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Driver may have confused accelerator and brake pedals.


He'd used cocaine, LSD, meth, officers say.

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

Massachusetts parking laws: understanding the basics The parking laws in Massachusetts are developed by the state and then enforced by the cities and the towns.

In a competitive field such as vehicle repair, you want to maximize your chances of landing the right automotive technician job for you.

No matter what type of vehicle you own, you’ll need to replace parts on it as part of regular maintenance.

Living in Boston can put a lot of stress and strain on your car.

Thinking about taking advantage of the many automotive technician jobs in Massachusetts? It can be a very good career path.


Things are getting worse for Volkswagen, and its current CEO.

New York and Massachusetts are suing VW for breaking the states' environmental laws.


Automakers are tasked with meeting California mandate with more plug-in vehicles.

California's clean-vehicle rules, which are followed by nine other US states, will get stricter in 2018.

Authorities in Fitchburg, Massachusetts believe that a bee hive was stashed in the trunk of a parked car with malicious intent.

Massachusetts is one of the prettiest states in the nation, and its roads are better known for being scenic, relaxing, and rural, rather than busy and crowded.

A personalized license plate is a great way to add some fun flair to the outside of your car.

Massachusetts motorists are required to follow a variety of traffic laws when driving on the roads and highways throughout the state.

The state of Massachusetts offers a number of benefits and perks for those Americans who have either served in an Armed Forces branch in the past, or are current active military members.

Few things are quite as freeing as having a driver’s license so you can go where you want to when the need arises.

The Massachusetts graduated driver’s license program requires all new drivers to begin driving under supervision, in order to practice safe driving before getting their full driver’s license.

Every state has its own unique rules and guidelines for disabled drivers.

Following is an overview of the laws, limits, and fines as they relate to speeding traffic violations in the state of Massachusetts.

While you may be familiar with the driving laws in your own state and those that are based on common sense, that does not mean the rules will be the same in other states.

In the state of Massachusetts, there are regulations governing the ways in which children are restrained in motor vehicles.

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