Scott Brown and his 2005 GMC Canyon pickup – Click above to watch the video after the break

Never underestimate the power of a celebrity endorsement. Or, for that matter, a political one. Massachusetts senator-elect Scott Brown (R) won an unprecedented victory Tuesday in the state's special election to replace Ted Kennedy, and he reportedly earned extra brownie points from voters for promising to keep his staid 2005 GMC Canyon pickup truck with over 200,000 miles on the clock as his daily driver in office.

"I'm Scott Brown, I'm from Wrentham, and I drive a truck," the candidate had been known to say. This was especially true after President Obama quipped that voters should "look under the hood" in reference to Brown's candidacy. Apparently, that nice, average guy persona sat well with the state's population – so much so that area dealerships are reportedly noting an increased level of interest in the oft-overlooked pickup truck from The General.

Al Cerrone, owner of a local GMC dealership, claims, "We've gotten eight to 12 phone calls from people asking, 'Do you sell trucks like that?''' To which we can only imagine he responded with, "Yes we can!" Click past the break to watch a video from Scott Brown's campaign featuring his GMC Canyon pickup truck. Thanks for the tip, Phil!


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