Massachusetts revokes ZAP Xebra registrations

Prospective ZAP Xebra owners in Mass. take note: your State has just revoked all of the current registrations for the electric three-wheelers. It seems that the State has just come to realize that the machines don't actually qualify as either motorcycles or cars, despite laws regulating three-wheeled vehicles as motorcycles. The hiccup is apparently the roof overhead, as the law oddly allows a single occupant under an enclosed structure, but not a driver and a passenger together. Seems a bit arbitrary, wouldn't you say? In any case, that definition is expected to be changed soon enough, though that doesn't help the owners who have already purchased the vehicles.

One Xebra owner named Ben Burnham says, ""I'm not trying to change the world. I just thought it was cool, a plus for the environment, and that I could save a couple of bucks," Burnham said. To that end, Burnham has replaced his now unregistered Xebra with a Corbin Sparrow, which passes the State's laws due to its single seat.

[Source: Taunton Gazette / Photo: Greg Derr]

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