Up to this point, most Formula One race teams have maintained their usual veil of secrecy on what's inside their new cars. The Red Bull team has produced an interesting computer generated animation video that gives a little peak inside the new RB5 car that they are running for 2009. The most interesting aspect is the new KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) hybrid drive. Red Bull is one of the teams opting for an electric hybrid system. For 2009, teams are allowed to use KERS for the first time. As with other hybrids, a generator driven by the rear axle charges a battery mounted behind the driver during braking. Unlike road going hybrids, the driver can select when he wants to release the energy to provide a performance boost. The drivers get up to 82 hp of electric boost available for 6.5 seconds per lap on demand via a steering wheel-mounted button. As driver Sebastian Vettel explains in the video, they have to be careful when they use it to make sure they don't put down too much power too quickly and spin out. Check out the video after the jump.

[Source: Red Bull Racing]

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