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GM will need to make more job cuts, analysts say

Discontinuing 6 sedans will further erode GM's market share

Discontinuing 6 sedans will further erode GM's market share.

Jaguar Land Rover to cut more U.K. jobs as it moves Discovery output to Slovakia

The move cuts thousands of dollars off the cost per vehicle

Jaguar Land Rover to cut output and jobs due to Brexit, diesel slump

'Headwinds impacting the car industry' prompt change

Britain's biggest carmaker Jaguar Land Rover will cut around 1,000 jobs and production at two of its English factories due to a fall in sales caused by uncertainty around Brexit and confusion over diesel policy, a source told Reuters.

Toyota/Mazda factory will reportedly be in Alabama or North Carolina

4,000 jobs are on the line. Which state will get them?

The companies are reportedly hunting for a $1 billion incentive package.

Which car companies are creating new jobs in America?

Taking a look at which automakers are creating jobs and how many

Who's hiring and how many jobs have been announced.

Automakers face reality of EVs' cost — to jobs, and their bottom line

Deepening doubts, increased outsourcing and a call for more incentives

"Daimler is the first company to state explicitly how much electric vehicles are going to hurt margins."

Report says clean car tech supports 288,000 US jobs

Fuel efficiency and emissions standards spur innovation.

Midwest, South, and California benefit the most.

Ford reportedly will reduce salaried workers; WSJ says entire workforce

Automaker plans to offer voluntary retirement incentives.

Hyundai and Kia announce $3.1-billion investment in US facilities

The possibility of levies on Mexican-made products appears to have spooked many automakers.

Lower US gas prices mean fewer jobs, study says

Higher SUV sales from lower fuel prices will eventually hinder industry.

Industry is investing $200 billion to boost fleetwide fuel efficiency, and will cut jobs if that investment isn't returned.

Google's self-driving car project is on a hiring spree

Google appears to be ramping up its autonomous vehicle program by posting a series of job openings related to automotive engineering.

Tesla seeks 1,650 workers in hiring spree

Tesla is on a hiring binge to keep pace with its growth, and currently has nearly 1,650 job openings across the world.

Tesla hiring for all sorts of Gigafactory positions

EV Maker Will Hire Estimated 6,500 For Massive Facility

Tesla starts hiring for engineering, facility management positions for Gigafactory near Reno.

Join us in welcoming our taxi-driving robot overlords

An Oxford University study finds that nearly half of the jobs in the US could be replaced with machines in the next 20 years. Thanks to the rapid rise in autonomous vehicle technology, truck drivers might be the first to be affected.

Truck driver is the most common job in more than half of the US

An examination of Census Bureau data from 1978 to 2014 finds that truck driving is the most commonly reported occupation in 29 states in 2014. The job is needed everywhere, can't be outsourced and for now, can't be automated, either. There's still a huge demand for drivers, too.

How Atlanta landed Mercedes-Benz

Georgia Pushes Its Brand As The Center Of The Automotive South

An international real-estate company had a high-profile client that wanted to relocate its North American headquarters. The client, whose identity was confidential, narrowed the list of prospective sites to Texas, North Carolina and Georgia. Would Georgia officials be interested in a discussion?

Ford adds 850 jobs to build 2015 F-150

Pickup trucks tend not to advance at quite the same pace as the rest of the industry. That's what makes the new Ford F-150 so remarkable, jettisoning its old steel construction in favor of aluminum. It's a game changer that Ford is betting big on, and in anticipation of surging demand, the Blue Oval automaker is adding 850 new jobs to put the thing together.

HQ move based on study, not pitch from Gov. Perry, Toyota says

Toyota's surprising announcement on Monday that it will move its North American headquarters from Torrance, CA location to the Dallas suburb of Plano, TX is allegedly not due to any political wrangling from the state's Republican governor, Rick Perry.

Auto sector employment now higher than pre-recession levels

The US economy has come a long way since the mid-to-late 2000s, when the daily news was more depressing than the Detroit Lions' playoff hopes. Need proof of that? A recent report from The Detroit News says it all - auto employment has hit a five-year high, and the sector now employs more people than it did in September of 2008.

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