Tesla hiring for all sorts of Gigafactory positions

EV Maker Will Hire Estimated 6,500 For Massive Facility

  • Image Credit: Tesla Motors
So it's about 30 down, and up to 6,470 to go, right? That's a question worth asking after Tesla Motors posted job openings for about 30 positions at its planned Gigafactory near Reno, Nevada, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal. Feel free to get in line.

The jobs, first posted earlier this week, range from facility managers to engineers and a bunch harder-to-define positions in between. A manager of process engineering, for example, or a remanufacturing technician. Wages for the gigs are said to run between $23 to $52 an hour. That's an interesting subject in the Reno area, since reports surfaced last month that Tesla wages would average about $25 an hour once the facility opens and that regional wages have been pushed up about 20 percent during the past couple of years. Tesla at the time denied reports of the $25-an-hour salary average, but didn't specify what wages it would pay. You can see the current list of positions on the Tesla website where, actually, the jobs are fairly well defined.

The California-based electric-vehicle maker has said it plans to hire about 6,500 people to work in the Gigafactory, whose locale was first announced last September. At the time, it was estimated that the company would get about $1.2 billion in tax incentives over 20 years.

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