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Bell & Ross builds a concept car to design watches around

The BR 03 AeroGT line of watches, that is.

Watchmaker Bell and Ross released a concept they call the AeroGT over the weekend at a jewelry trade show called Baselworld in Switzerland.

Thieves Use Stolen Pickup Trucks In Jewelry Store Heist

Burglars robbed store of $250,000 in jewelry

Two thieves rammed a stolen Ford pickup truck through a New Jersey jewelry store window early Valentine's Day morning in a daring smash-and-grab robbery.

Maserati blings it out with Damiani for Valentine's Day

Driving a vehicle like a Maserati is as much about the status symbol as it is about the mechanical bits of the vehicle underneath the badge. So it only follows that the Trident marque should offer other ways for its customers to flaunt their wealth when away from their GranTurismo or Quattroporte.

Scuderia One by Cabestan: Ferrari watch for Ferrari owners - at a Prancing Horse price

Scuderia Ferrari One by Cabestan – Click above for high-res image gallery

It's Friday: Making roadkill live again through recycling

It's bound to happen. If you travel very many miles, especially at night, it's quite likely you'll create roadkill. Even some of the expert drivers here at AutoblogGreen have taken the life of a street-crossing animal. (I'm sooo sorry, Mr. or Mrs. Bunny, I tried to miss, I really tried.) While different areas have different ways of dealing with this all-too-common occurrance, today we focus on the amazing ar

The Tire Ring - may you never tire of one another

We've seen automotive inspired jewelry before. Bracelets that look like chains, shift gate earrings, even piston-shaped pendants. But for all you gear heads out there who might be heading down the aisle soon, we offer a suggestion for a way to personalize your commitment to your betrothed,

A jewel of a roadcourse: Circuiti introduces track maps, Italian style

If you're a motorsports fan, now you can wear your favorite racetrack. Italian company Circuiti offers "the perfect fusion between sport and jewels" - steel and gold jewelry in the shape of famous motorcycle and auto racing venues around the world.