Bell & Ross builds a concept car to design watches around

The BR 03 AeroGT line of watches, that is.

If you've never heard of Bell and Ross, then you've never been in the market for luxurious French watches. Oh how we envy your simple peasant life. There's another type of gear that interests the high end watchmaker - the kind you shift. Instead of building a timepiece inspired by a car, Bell & Ross went the other way around and designed a supercar concept called the AeroGT and then designed watches around it.

The company unveiled the AeroGT and related watches over the weekend at a trade show called Baselworld in Switzerland. As you might be able to tell by the name, the car is inspired by gran turismo racing cars, particularly the Ferrari 250 GTO, and aeronautics – specifically, fighter jets and stealth aircraft inspire the car's sharp lines and oversized dual exhaust pipes. The AeroGT is extremely low and aerodynamic, being only 3.6 feet tall. If built, it would come equipped with twin-turbocharged 4.2-liter V8 delivering a peak 602 horsepower, according to Motor Trend.

"Every year, in order to create new models, I need new sources of inspiration," Bruno Belamich, Bell & Ross' creative director said on the company's website. "The aim was to produce a car that can 'hold its own', even amongst automotive professionals. But above all, this real challenge was a great joy."

Bell & Ross also revealed the BR 03 AeroGT line of watches, inspired by the concept. The timepieces come with an exposed watch face, perfect for gearheads who want to watch the mechanics of time play out. The band is bright red topped with perforated black leather.

This isn't the first time Bell and Ross have used a vehicle concept as a starting point for watch design. In 2014, Bell and Ross created the B-Rocket concept, which also combined vintage design cues with a slick modern feel, according to Road and Track.

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