It's bound to happen. If you travel very many miles, especially at night, it's quite likely you'll create roadkill. Even some of the expert drivers here at AutoblogGreen have taken the life of a street-crossing animal. (I'm sooo sorry, Mr. or Mrs. Bunny, I tried to miss, I really tried.) While different areas have different ways of dealing with this all-too-common occurrance, today we focus on the amazing art of Amy Nugent (no relation to Ted). The Canadian artist brings some life back to hapless victims of the tarmac by using their bits to create everything from very nice bracelets (above) to wall hangings.

The off-beat source of her inspiration came to her while traveling Canadian highways that are often the final resting place of many a poor-sighted porcupine. Having heard of their quills being used by indigenous peoples for utilitarian and decorative purposes, she decided that she wanted to "resurrect this stuff that we just pancake out there." And so she began her quest with simple cuffs and has progressed to much more refined pieces that she markets under the brand name, wait for it, "Roadquill."

[Source: Canadian Press]

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