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World's Fastest backhoe – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Traditionally, diesel engines have been renowned more for their utility than their outright performance. Last year Audi's efforts at LeMans and in the ALMS with the R10 really began to turn that image around in peoples minds, and that is continuing thanks to the efforts of JCB and Peugeot.

Along with the LeMans sports racers from Audi and Peugeot, the JCB Dieselmax is probably the best poster child for how well a diesel can perform at the highest levels of motorsports. You may remember the JCB Dieselmax, as it was the streamliner that set a new Land Speed Record (LSR) for diesel cars last August by going more than 350 mph. We covered it quite extensively, as it was a pretty amazing feat. And we're not the only ones who took notice. The Dieselmax just won a fairly prestigious award

Sir Anthony Bamford has decided that he's not interested in taking Jaguar off of Ford's hands, at least not if it's bundled Land Rover. The owner of JCB, a construction and agricultural equipment company, who recently captured the title of world's fastest diesel with his 350.092mph DieselMax, announced today that despite voicing his interest last August in purchasing Jaguar from Ford, wasn't interested in a package deal that included Land Rover. Technically speaking, Aston Martin is currently th

You may be tiring of our constant coverage of the JCB DieselMax's pursuit of speed at the Bonneville Salt Flats. While you certainly aren't alone, we still think that an oilburner that can achieve 350 MPH is still news. Plus, there are a few of us that are pining away for a high performance diesel to enter the U.S. market, setting to rest previously held beliefs about diesels, and this is one large step in that direction.

Fresh from his company's record-breaking performance on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Sir Anthony Bamford was probably walking on air when he began his interview with Inside Line. The owner of JCB, purveyor of all things earth moving, candidly admitted his desire to purchase Jaguar from its current owner, Ford.

Achieves new world land speed record with record two-way run of 328.767 mph

You might remember JCB as the construction equipment manufacturer attempting to set the diesel land speed world with its oil-burning Dieselmax H1, which just happened to make its first run last weekend. Its other project is this Hummer-dwarfing off-roader called the HMUV, for High Mobility Utility Vehicle. JCB has recruited a team of professionals to design and sell the 6.7-liter HMUV, including former Land Rover managing director Mathew Taylor who will head up sales and marketing for the HMUV.