World's Fastest backhoe – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Drag racing and construction vehicles do not typically mix well. Unless someone is trying to quit their job in dramatic fashion, heavy equipment is confined to slow speeds and hard labor. The JCB GT backhoe chooses to disagree. Thanks to a 1,300 horsepower engine, this drag racing backhoe (one of the weirdest phrases ever typed) rips away from the tree and down the line. Perhaps they were inspired by videos of wheel-standing loaders and drifting semi trucks?

The folks at JCB are no strangers to speed. A few years ago, their diesel-powered salt flats racer hit 350 miles per hour and at one point they expressed interest in purchasing Jaguar. We'd love to see how driving the Dieselmax compares to handling the JCB GT. We'd wager the backhoe is scarier to drive...

See the JCB GT in action after the jump.
[Source: Streetfire via CarDomain]
Worlds Fastest Backhoe Tractor?!

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