JCB Dieselmax speedster clears 200 MPH mark

JCB's Dieselmax land speed record vehicle has recently passed the 200 MPH mark in testing, which is a major step towards beating the current diesel record of 235 MPH.

While each of the vehicle's two 5.0L turbodiesel powerplants were recently certified at 750 HP during dyno testing (neatly matching the engineering estimates), they were dialed back to a mere 600 HP for the purpose of these trial runs. When the vehicle finally unleashes all 1500 HP - expected to happen later this month at the Bonneville salt flats - it's estimated that it will exceed the 300 MPH mark. When producing maximum power, the two production-based engines consume a stunning 3.3 tons of air per hour.

The plan is to make the record runs using low-sulfur pump fuel, and the vehicle will also employ particle traps to keep the exhaust smoke-free. LSR veteran Andy Green will be manning the Dieselmax; his job qualifications include the current world land speed record run of over 763 MPH in 1997.

[Sources: JCB, Diesel Forecast]

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