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Long Term
2017 Jaguar XE: We'll miss our long-termer, but not its diesel engine

The XE's charming chassis and clattery diesel is an automotive odd couple.

Jaguar completes coast-to-coast U.S. road trip in diesel XF

It's not every day that you see a diesel Jaguar XF on these shores. In fact, at least officially, there's only one. And it just completed a cross-country road trip that took it from New York to Los Angeles.

Jaguar releases first teaser of new XJ

A week ago, we heard that Jaguar was going to add a plug-in hybrid powertrain (or extended range electric setup, if that's your name of choice) version to the 2011 XJ. Before that happens, though, Jaguar will be releasing standard powertrain versions of the all-new XJ in July and the company has just released a teaser shot of this car that shows off the panoramic glass roof. This year

Jaguar XF does the double, wins What Car? award again

Somebody get the record player out and put on Al Stewart, because this is turning into The Year of the Cat. The English marque just showed off the new XFR and XKR, a sl