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Trooper's left-lane law message goes viral

Sgt. Wheeles hailed as a hero for reminding us of a driving basic

Sgt. Wheeles is being hailed as a hero.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat driver arrested hellbound at 160 mph

It's a new record for Hellcats in Indiana — but just barely

When fisherman catch big fish, they want the world to know about it. That's approximately how the Indiana State Police felt when they busted a 707-horsepower muscle car booking it at more than 160 miles per hour. The ISP were chuffed enough about the catch that they put out a press release titled, "160 Mile Per Hour Hellcat Tamed On The Indiana Toll Road." The Hellcat driver, J. Jesus Duran Sandoval, told the arresting officer that he was "just trying to get to Maryland."

Automakers say CAFE compliance will cost jobs and make cars more expensive

Vehicle costs may be $1,800 higher by 2025.

Automakers' compliance with CAFE may cost 150,000 jobs.

Indiana house bill appears to target Tesla's direct sales model

The electric-vehicle maker currently has one store in the state.

This is the second bill seeking to cut short Tesla's efforts to sell its electric vehicles directly to the Indiana public.

Indiana thinking about adding fees just for plug-in vehicles

Fees may boost Indiana road-repair revenue by $2 million a year.

Indiana would join 10 other states that impose fees specifically for plug-in vehicles to make up for lost revenue from less gasoline taxes.

The Guide To Colored Curb Zones in Indiana

Indiana parking laws: understanding the basics When driving on the roads of Indiana, abiding by the laws and regulations of the road is par for the course.

How to Get Smog Technician Certified in Indiana

For those in an automotive mechanic career, finding the right automotive technician job can be a challenge.

10 Best Stores to Buy Auto Parts in Indianapolis, Indiana

Struggling to keep your car in good shape and running smooth? It requires regularly replacing parts for basic maintenance, as well as for larger challenges.

How Much Does a Mechanic Make in Indiana?

It’s no secret that auto technician jobs can be very lucrative.

Mother writes desperate plea on car window

An Indianapolis woman who has spent three years waiting for a kidney is reaching out to her community in the hopes that someone will be willing to help save her life.

What are the Car Pool Rules in Indiana?

Indiana has some of the prettiest rural roads in the country, but it also has a fair share of large freeways, which help the state’s residents commute to and from work, go to school and run errands, and accomplish many other traveling needs.

Windshield Laws in Indiana

If you drive on Indiana roads, you already know that you are required to follow a variety of traffic rules.

How to Buy a Personalized License Plate in Indiana

A personalized license plate is an excellent way to add some fun customization to your vehicle.

Veteran and Military Driver Laws and Benefits in Indiana

The state of Indiana offers a number of benefits and perks for those Americans who have either served in an Armed Forces branch in the past, or are current active military members.

How to Prepare for the Indiana Driver’s Written Test

If you are looking forward to finally getting your driver’s license, you might not be quite as excited about the need to take a written test before you can get your permit.

How to Get an Indiana Driver's Permit

Indiana requires all underage drivers to participate in a Graduated Driver Licensing program.

Driving Laws and Permits in the State of Indiana

Whether you are a disabled driver or not, it is important to understand the disabled driver laws in your state.

Indiana Speed Limits, Laws, and Fines

Following is an overview of the laws, limits, and fines as they relate to speeding traffic violations in the state of Indiana.

Rules of the Road For Indiana Drivers

When driving on the roadways, there are many rules that you have to follow.

Child Seat Safety Laws in Indiana

Indiana has laws that mandate the protection of children when they are travelling in motor vehicles.

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