Indiana luxury car club looking for members

Want to join a luxury auto club? According to sib site Luxist, for those near Evansville, Indiana, you now have an option. Located at the Buxston Motorsports plaza, members of the LuxShare Auto Club shell out $7,250 to $9,000 per year in order to gain access to high-end vehicles from manufacturers like Porsche and Rolls-Royce

Members will be given a set number of points to 'spend' per year, with each vehicle having its own number of points based upon variables like price and time of year. Most drivers can expect around 28-45 days of vehicle useage per year. More details about the system are available at the link.

The club has five members thus far, with a goal of signing 20 by the beginning of June and a total of 40-45 members overall. A similar 'timeshare' operation already exists in New York in the form of Manhattan's Classic Car Club.

[Source: Gleaner via Luxist]

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