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Watch a hood fly off a Toyota Camry, nearly hit a Jeep

Rear- and forward-facing dash video shows narrow miss on a freeway

Rear- and forward-facing dash video shows narrow miss on a freeway.

Hyundai recalls 41,264 Entourage minivans for faulty hood latches

Corrosion could lead to the hood coming loose while driving.

Question Of The Day: Greatest hood scoop ever?

Factory Scoops Range From Tastefully Aerodynamic To Ludicrously Oversized

Just about every manufacturer has installed some sort of scoop, functional or not, to at least one vehicle hood. What's your all-time favorite?

How to turn your hood into wall art

I hadn't had my '78 Scout Terra painted for more than a week when I found myself plodding along a crooked farm road in the dead of night amidst a howling thunderstorm. Rain threw itself at the flat-pane windshiel

Kia driver caught motoring down the highway with hood up

There's the right way to handle a highway emergency and the wrong way. Driving down the interstate with your hood peeled back onto your windshield certainly falls into the latter category, and yet, the driver in the video after the jump managed to do just that down a few miles of New Hampshire highway.

Aw Snap! Corvette Z07 spied with polycarbonate hood window

The Corvette Z07/SS/Blue Devil is fast becoming one of the worst kept secrets in Detroit. It's not for GM's lack of trying to keep the lid on it, but rather on account of the zealous nature of the Corvette Nation. They're an impatient bunch and are ha

The epicurean of cars

We're quite certain more than a few our readers have tried to poach on egg on their hood or attempted to prepare some other cuisine using their cars. As a matter of fact, there's a great read out there called Manifold Destiny that takes car cuisine to a new level.