Kia driver caught motoring down the highway with hood up

There's the right way to handle a highway emergency and the wrong way. Driving down the interstate with your hood peeled back onto your windshield certainly falls into the latter category, and yet, the driver in the video after the jump managed to do just that down a few miles of New Hampshire highway.

Peering through the tiny slit formed by the cowl arc, the driver doesn't seem to show any outward signs of distress aside from slightly reduced speed. Thanks to the power of technology, another driver with a similar abandon for safety recorded the spectacle for the internet crowds, at least until law enforcement put an end to the shenanigans.

Here's a tip: if your hood latch happens to give up the ghost while you're rocketing toward the horizon, calmly slow your ride and pull to the shoulder. If you're able, close the hood and continue on your way. If you aren't, do us all a favor and call for a tow. Hit the jump to check out the insanity for yourself.

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