The epicurean of cars

We're quite certain more than a few our readers have tried to poach on egg on their hood or attempted to prepare some other cuisine using their cars. As a matter of fact, there's a great read out there called Manifold Destiny that takes car cuisine to a new level.

Our sister-site SlashFood stumbled upon a site called Instructables that's posted a step-by-step guide on preparing such delights as marinated chicken breasts, roasted potatoes, ramen noodles and apples with brown sugar. The author, who goes by the tag of Trebuchet03, includes instructions for preparing the food, where to place each type under the hood, and how many miles need to be driven to ensure proper cooking.

Trebuchet speaks of one meal in particular prepared on the open road and says, "When I came to a stop, the smell of the chicken and herbs surrounded the car. And at the horror of onlookers, I proceeded to eat from my engine bay."

[Source: Instructables via Slashfood]

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