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These are the vehicles that rack up the most miles

The list is dominated by SUVs and minivans

Some vehicles rack up much higher mileage every year than others. Here are the cars and trucks in America that average the most miles driven each year.

These are the vehicles that owners drive the most

You're going to notice a couple of trends

The average American drives more than 13,000 miles per year, but owners of these vehicles tend to drive a lot more. Here are the cars and trucks that rack up the most miles.

These are the vehicles that owners keep the longest

Most vehicles change hands after a few short years, but owners tend to hold on to some vehicles much longer.

Peugeot 208 with Hybrid Air technology headed to production

Peugeot's parent company, PSA Peugeot Citroen, has been working for a while on a drivetrain that would hybridize a conventional engine with compressed air rather than batteries. The powertrain would include a hydraulic pump that allows the car to run in all-gasoline, all-air or combined modes, which is where the name "Jon LeSage

How high-efficiency trims can actually reduce your car's resale value

Factory fuel economy packages, the special trims or option groups bundled with efficiency improving items such as low-rolling-resistance tires, aerodynamic tweaks and electric power steering, cost the consumer a few hundred dollars (or more) at the time of purchase but don't seem to add any resale value down the road, says a recent report from Cars.com.

Lightweight Avion travels 1,478 miles on 12.4 gallons of diesel; that's 119.1 mpg!

Craig Henderson piloted his 1,500-pound, diesel-powered Avion from Blaine WA, to Mexico – a 1,478-mile journey – and he burned just 12.4 gallons of fuel along the way. Some simple math shows that this featherweight vehicle achieved an astounding 119.1 miles per gallon, but the mileage numbers don't tell the whole story.

Texans turning on trucks

Check out this stat: one in every seven sales of the Ford F-150 goes to a Texan. According to this article from Bloomberg, which combines some good statistical research with anecdotal evidence culled from dealers in the trenches, that trend is beginning to change. With $3/gallon gas seemingly here for the long haul, big trucks and SUVs are spending 132 to 147 days on dealers lots since Katrina, which is up from an 89-day average early last year. Meanwhile, cars with above average fuel economy li

200,000 miles. That's all?

While checking out the Carfaire, I spotted a 1967 Mustang available for sale and, out of curiosity (since I’m younger than the vehicle) looked over its mileage. I nearly fell over when I saw 900,000 miles written on its description.