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GM says ignition switch crisis has sharpened focus on reporting problems

It's been a year since the criminal ignition-switch case was dismissed

GM ignition switch criminal case is dismissed

124 people were killed, 275 injured, 2.6 million vehicles recalled

124 people were killed, 275 injured, 2.6 million vehicles recalled.

GM ignition switch lawsuit: Judge throws out $1B settlement

He chides lawyers' 'dishonesty, or bad faith' but can't enforce the deal

GM pays $1 million civil penalty to the SEC for ignition scandal

General Motors neither admitted nor denied any wrongdoing.

This fine is a drop in the bucket compared to the total costs of the ignition switch scandal.

New GM isn't safe from lawsuits against Old GM

Federal appeals court reverses bankruptcy judge's decision.

The decision allows drivers injured before 2009's bankruptcy and owners who claim their cars lost value due to the ignition switch scandal to sue New GM.

First GM ignition switch trial dismissed

The plaintiff in the first federal trial for GM ignition switches dismissed the case and received no settlement from the automaker.

Mother of GM ignition-switch victim: Let dealers speak up

Proposed Law Would Allow Dealers To Share TSBs With Car Buyers

In the wake of the General Motors safety crisis, the mother of one ignition-switch victim is working with lawmakers to ensure motorists receive more information on vehicle defects from dealerships.

GM ignition switch trial cleared to begin on January 11

A civil trial over defective ignition switches will begin January 11, and the case's outcome could decide if the automaker will fight other suits.

GM's $594.5M payout averages $1.5M per ignition switch injury

General Motors paid out $594.5 million in its ignition switch claims resolution program, and on average the people with eligible cases got $1.5 million.

GM does not have to turn over its ignition switch documents

A District Court Judge rules that attorney-client privilege protects certain documents between GM and law firm King & Spalding over the ignition switch defect.

Judge puts GM ignition lawsuits on hold

The bankruptcy judge deciding whether New GM is responsible for ignition switch cases from before 2009 is putting all of the suits on hold until the US Court of Appeals decides whether to uphold his ruling.

Department of Transportation extends GM supervision for another year

The US Department of Transportation has decided to extend its regulatory supervision over General Motors for an additional year. The government agency believes that the oversight is a proactive way to address possible safety defects.

GM ignition switches now linked to 90 deaths, 163 total injuries

The attorneys at the GM Ignition Compensation Claims Resolution Facility are now reporting a total of 90 confirmed deaths and 163 injuries in their latest progress report.

GM ignition switch deaths grow to 87 people

In the latest release from the GM Ignition Compensation Claims Resolution Facility the number of deaths grows to 87 people, 3 more than the previous week, and injuries remain at 157.

GM ignition switch death count rises to 84

The GM Ignition Compensation Claims Resolution Facility continues its weekly release of deaths and injuries caused by the automaker's bad ignition switch. In the latest tally, it records 84 deaths and a total of 157 people harmed.

GM ignition switch death toll continues to rise

In the latest tally released by the General Motors Ignition Compensation Claims Resolution Facility, the number of cases offered compensation for fatalities has risen to 74 people. There have also been 126 injuries linked to the automaker's faulty part.

More GM ignition-switch claims roll in

General Motors received 33 more claims to its ignition-switch claim facility this week, which pushed the total to 4,345. The number of accepted cases increased by eight, including one fatality and seven injuries.

GM gets 75 more ignition-switch claims; 4 more death claims approved

General Motors received 75 more claims from people about the automaker's faulty ignition switches. The number of eligible claims jumped up by 12, including four more for deaths and eight more for injuries.

GM's top lawyer delays retirement until replacement is found

Michael Mikkikin, the general council for General Motors, announced his retirement from the automaker last year. However, he now might not leave until July, while the company searches for a successor.

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