The attorneys at the GM Ignition Compensation Claims Resolution Facility continue the grisly work of evaluating reports of deaths and injuries from the automaker's faulty parts. In the organization's latest report (available here as a PDF), which covers progress through April 24, the number of fatalities grows to 90, three more than last week. Additionally, the quantity of Category 2 injuries, which the group considers not serious but still requiring medical aid, increases to 152 people, which is six more than before. Cases of more severe Category 1 harm like paraplegia, amputation or permanent brain damage remain at 11.

Months after the January 31, 2015, deadline, the attorneys at the resolution facility still have 997 cases to scrutinize to decide if people deserve compensation. Of those, 46 are for alleged fatalities; 79 are for category 1 injuries, and 872 are for the less severe category 2 injuries. In total, there were 4,342 claims submitted for evaluation since the process began on August 1, 2014.

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