It appears that the cases coming into the General Motors Ignition Compensation Claims Resolution Facility are starting to slow down. Following 75 new applications last week and 57 the week before that, there were just 33 additional ones shown in the organization's latest release. That has brought the total to 4,345. While the deadline for these documents was technically Jan. 31, the attorneys have still been accepting them as long as the mail was postmarked by that date.

Kenneth Feinberg and his team of attorneys found seven more eligible cases in the past week of GM's faulty ignition switches. They included one fatality to bring the total to 57 and seven more injuries involving some hospitalization for a result of 85. The number of accepted occurrences of serious harm like burns, amputations or brain damage remained at nine. As a whole, the group has now offered compensation for 151 claims.

According to the latest release, the lawyers are still reviewing 1,457 cases. They include 157 allegations of fatalities, 107 for severe injuries and 1,193 for less serious hospitalization. You can read the latest weekly update to the report for yourself in PDF format, here.

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