Despite being weeks past the official deadline, the General Motors Ignition Compensation Claims Resolution Facility continues to receive valid reports of deaths or injuries from the automaker's faulty parts. As long as the documents are postmarked by January 31, the attorneys are still looking at them. In the latest update, the number of applicants jumped by 75 people to a total of 4,312.

Attorney Kenneth Feinberg and his team found 12 more eligible claims this week compared to the previous announcement. They included four more fatalities to bring the total to 56 deaths, one further catastrophic injury for a total of nine, and seven additional less severe injuries to take the figure to 78.

There are still 1,388 cases under review, and with documents continuing to arrive each week, the lawyers have a long way to go before their job is complete. Among the documents needing to be examined, there are 165 allegations of fatalities, 108 for serious injuries and 1,115 for less severe harm. You can read all of the official figures in PDF format, here.

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