GM ignition switch death toll continues to rise

While the January 31, 2014, deadline is passed, the General Motors Ignition Compensation Claims Resolution Facility is still sifting through the documents of people injured or killed by the automaker's faulty parts. In the latest tally from Kenneth Feinberg (pictured above) and his team of attorneys, the group has received 4,342 reports and has processed 2,300 of them as of March 20.

So far, 200 people have been offered compensation. That figure includes 74 for fatalities, which is seven more than the previous week, according to Automotive News. There are also 11 for so-called Category One injuries for serious impairment like quadriplegia and permanent brain damage, and there are 115 accepted cases of Category Two harm for wounds involving hospitalization.

With 1,326 cases still under review, the lawyers aren't expected to complete their job until the late spring or early summer, according to Automotive News. Of those pending claims, there are 95 for fatalities, 85 for Category One injures and 1,146 for Category Two harm. You can read the latest statistics for yourself in PDF format, here.

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