General Motors has no issues with the idea of better roads for Michigan, but when it comes to a special plug-in vehicle tax enacted to help pay for those repairs, the automaker is crying foul, Automotive News says.

At least eight US states either having passed or proposed a special electric vehicle tax. With Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder looking to raise another $1.2 billion a year for road-improvement funding, GM executive Brian O'Connell says an EV tax would be a bad idea, noting that such a tariff would unfairly penalize both the plug-in driver and the companies that make those vehicles.

Washington State, Virginia and Nebraska have all introduced new taxes, including Washington's $100 annual EV fee that was passed last year. Oregon may introduce per-mile taxes on EVs using GPS systems to track mileage.

It's fair that EV drivers pay for the roads they use, but the numbers remain small in comparison to the full fossil-fuel fleet. Through May, sales of the Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in in 2013 were up just 1.4 percent to 7,157 units. The Chevrolet Spark EV debuts this month and GM last month set a monthly lease rate of $199 a month for that model.

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