We've known for sometime now that Europeans love the Ford Mustang. Gray market importers have made plenty of cash by shipping the ponies from the United States to the EU for years, but now it looks as if buyers will be able to sink their teeth into brand-new, factory-perfect examples of the next-generation Mustang straight from Ford.

Ford Europe has announced that the Mustang is officially coming to the old country via a quick, 30-second YouTube video. The launch is part of a 15-model offensive by the Blue Oval in the EU, according to NPR, and the company projects the new sheetmetal should help the brand boost its sales by 20 percent across the continent.

We'll have more information for you soon. Stay tuned. In the interim, take a look at the Mustang announcement video below. You'll want to turn up the volume for this one.

Ford Mustang Information

Ford Mustang

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