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Car Buying
What does the drive-off cost mean when buying a car?

Also known as 'total due at signing' or 'out the door'

Car Buying
What is a new car incentive or rebate?

They can save you money if you know what you’re doing

Car Buying
What is the APR on a new car loan?

It stands for 'Annual Percentage Rate' and here's what that means to you

Car Buying
Leasing vs buying a new car | Which is better for you?

To lease or not to lease ... That is the question

Car Buying
What does MSRP mean?

For starters, it stands for Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

U.S. consumers are borrowing more for longer to drive trucks and SUVs

More than a third of car loans are for six years or longer

Car Buying
What is the term of a car loan or lease?

Here's how long typical car loans or leases last, and why it matters

Explaining what a loan and lease are, as well as which might be better for you.

Car Buying
What is a subprime loan?

Are they a bad idea and who qualifies for them?

Are they a bad idea, and who qualifies for them?

Car Buying
What does 'drive-off cost' mean, and what does it include?

Also known as 'total due at signing' or 'out the door'

Also known as "total due at signing" or "out the door."

AAA names cheapest vehicles to own and operate, and the costliest

EVs would rank better if not for their high depreciation

Large vehicles are rather pricey.

Tesla looking to build a factory in China

Tesla looks to spur Asia sales in China and South Korea.

Shanghai factory, South Korea entry, and China financing program are all part of Tesla's Asian expansion plans.

Americans borrow more money than ever for car purchases

Almost $1 trillion in car loans have boosted record buying spree.

Ride-sharing options may be proliferating and the percentage of Americans obtaining drivers licenses may be declining. But for now, reports on the end of the car-ownership model are greatly exaggerated.

Today's interest rate hike won't affect car buyers much

The Federal Reserve increased interest rates by 0.25 percent, but the hike shouldn't affect car buyers' bottom lines – or slow booming auto sales.

Auto leases soar in the third quarter

The latest financial research shows that auto leasing is on the rise, and buyers continue to take out longer, more expensive loans.

Best New Car Finance Deals: August 2015

These are the 5 best new car financing deals for the month of August, 2015. Click here to find a great deal!

Government suing military auto lender over 'aggressive debt collection' tactics

An Ohio auto lender's aggressive tactics towards active-duty and retired military borrowers has run it afoul of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

New car loans longer than ever before

Auto loans just keep reaching new records for their length and the amount financed, and there's no sign of this slowing down.

Tesla's new $408 per month business lease deal for Model S reminds us of last 'revolutionay' deal

Almost exactly a year ago, Tesla Motors announced what it called a "revolutionary" lease deal for the Model S. Since the electric automaker used some unusual assumptions in its calculations to get to a headline-worthy $500-a-month "true cost of ownership," the company had to quickly Sebastian Blanco

ChargePoint now offering financing for business charging stations

Anyone not satisfied with merely having a mortgage and a car payment, now you can have a payment plan on your plug-in vehicle charging station, too. Granted, this is more for business owners looking to provide publicly available charging stations, but ChargePoint (née Coulomb Technologies) is setting up a financing program for anyone looking to take the plunge.

Tesla's vehicle buyback program could yield $368m profit in 2016

Good news, everyone. If we can manage set aside about $37,000 over the next couple of years, a Tesla Model S, a used one, will be ours. That's one of the findings in a Bloomberg Industries study on Tesla's financing, vehicle buyback and resale programs. Wit

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