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Trick motorcycle rider breaks world record for fastest wheelie

The world record for the fastest wheelie ever was broken last week in a British racing event by Gary Rothwell.

McLaren Releases Image Of Next Great Super Car

The dream car for the private-equity and oil sheik crowd

The McLaren P-1 may not be on your shopping list any time soon, but it does represent the car that many 1-percenters have been waiting for from McLaren, the renown maker of Formula-1 race cars and super-priced street racers coveted by wealthy driving enthusiasts.

Koenigsegg Agera gets official Guinness World Record for quickest 0-300-0 km/h

Koenigsegg is officially amazing, at least according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The well-known record-keeping organization has granted the Koenigsegg Agera the record of quickest 0-300-0 kilometers per hour by a two-seat production car. The time? A scant 21.19 seconds, recorded at the Angeholm Airfield in Sweden on September 2, 2011, with Robert Serwanski behind the wheel.

Banks Sidewinder D-Max Type-D runs a 7.96-seconds at 167.34-mph

You may already be aware that diesel engines have the inherent capability to make a great deal of power. This fact has once again been proven by Gale Banks and his crew. In addition to owning the World Record for the fastest diesel pickup truck ever at 217.306 miles per hour in the standing mile, Banks now can claim the fastest time ever down the quarter mile drag strip. The new record, 7.96 seconds at 167.34 miles per

SSC Ultimate Aero TT closes in on record with 241 mph run

click on above image for more high-res pics of the SSC Ultimate Aero TT

Alonso's the fastest driver in F1

"We all know the great drivers – they're the ones who win the world titles – but what about the truly quick ones?" That's the question F1 Racing magazine asked, and answered with a study published in the January issue. They surveyed the insiders – from team leaders to former world champions – and compared driver's stats to the performance of their team-mates to arrive at a list of the Top 50 quickest drivers of all time.

Making it official: Bugatti Veyron going for fastest production car

This came as a bit of a shock to us, but the Bugatti Veyron is not actually the fastest production car in the world according to that authoritative tome of useless and wonderful knowledge, the Guinness Book of World of Records. It seem Bugatti just never got around to scheduling an official high-speed run that could be officially considered by Guinness. In late October, Bugatti plans to rectify that and make an official top speed run at the