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Apple's electric car might not hit the streets until 2021

Project Titan is reportedly delayed a year, though the plan is still shrouded in secrecy.

F1 2016 gets 22-player support for online multiplayer races

F1 2016 gets a slew of upgrades in a bid to make the racing experience as realistic as possible.

No one wants to test self-driving cars in Ontario, Canada

Governments may be racing to approve self-driving car tests on their roads, but that doesn't mean that companies will always line up.

Combat AI beats the Air Force's top tactical experts

And it only requires the processing power of a Raspberry Pi.

If you didn't think AI was scary, this report of a computer beating one of the US Air Force's top air combat instructors, will change your mind.

UberRush goes live in New York, Chicago, San Francisco

UberRush went live in three US cities this week. Here's what it means.

Faraday Future aims to test self-driving cars in Michigan

Faraday Future wants to conduct tests in the backyard of the Big 3.

Former 'Top Gear' hosts plan DriveTribe motoring community

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond will launch the site this fall.

The Marines are fitting their tanks with anti-missile tech

The US Marine Corps and Army are getting serious about protecting their tanks from missile attacks.

Uber rival promises a nicer ride through happier drivers

Juno has a simple solution for improving the ride-sharing experience: better drivers.

US Army hopes to outfit soldiers with tiny drones by 2018

It sounds like something from Call of Duty, but the US Army could soon be bringing tiny, pocket-sized drones to a real-world battlefield.

Six tiny robots can pull a two-ton car

Stanford university's uBots have pulled off a feat that makes ants look like slackers.

Nissan's self-parking chairs keep lazy offices tidy

Nissan has a solution for office chair problems, if such a thing exists.

Chevy's Android Auto update will reach cars in March

Chevy says its Android Auto update will reach its cars in March, starting with those that have 8-inch MyLink touchscreen systems

Apple car targeted to launch in 2019, says WSJ

The Apple car is poised to launch in 2019 and more details are expected to be revealed soon.

Apple pursued Clarkson and 'Top Gear' co-stars

Apple is believed to have made a play for the ex-Top Gear trio in a bid to get into original programming.

Mercedes pondering Google Glass navi

Engadget is reporting that Mercedes-Benz might be tinkering with Google Glass for its future navigation systems. The first, big-name wearable tech item of the 21st century, Google Glass has a huge degree of potential in a number of fields, not th

Engadget tries Google Glass with motorcycle helmet, results are mixed

Our friends at sister site Engadget recently got a chance to give an early version of Google Glass. Tim Stevens went so far as to hop on the back of a Ducati 848 Streetfighter with Glass tucked under his helmet in an attempt to host a Google+ hangout while on a ride. Unfortunately, the system doesn't easily fit under a helmet thanks in part to the fact that it

The List goes racing on Speed tonight at 10PM EST/PST [UPDATE]

This week's episode of The List on Speed brings together two episodes of the series that highlight some unique forms of four-wheeled competition. The first is the 24 Hours of LeMons, in which hosts Jessi Combs and Patrick McIntyre, compete on a team that dredged the depths of British automotive history to find their race cars.

Tesla Model S reviews are in: it's a bona fide, unbelievable smash hit

At the big launch event Friday for the Tesla Model S, invited journalists were able to get just a few precious moments behind the wheel. The drives were far too short, everyone agreed (most were just 10 minutes long), but people made the best of it, including our companions over at Engadget, where Myriam Joire says, "you don't have to be a car

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