Our friends at sister site Engadget recently got a chance to give an early version of Google Glass. Tim Stevens went so far as to hop on the back of a Ducati 848 Streetfighter with Glass tucked under his helmet in an attempt to host a Google+ hangout while on a ride. Unfortunately, the system doesn't easily fit under a helmet thanks in part to the fact that it requires a sizable battery pack behind the user's ear. That kind of nips any fun on track recording options in the bud, either on a bike or on a car.

Still, with some finagling, Stevens was able to wedge the system in place well enough to take decent video, but cell reception woes soon put his online broadcasting hopes to an end. The good news is that Glass doesn't require a connection to continue recording, which is nice. You can watch video from the ride below for yourself.

While Google still has some work to do to make Glass appealing to the motorsports set, Stevens also uncovered a few other issues. Namely, the device isn't as intuitive as he'd hoped, and those with vision impairments had a hard time getting the system to function at all.

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