Chevy's Android Auto update will reach cars in March

Buying a new Chevy with the hopes of using Android Auto during your daily commute? You'll have to sit tight for a while before that dream becomes reality. The carmaker announced that an Android Auto software update will only reach its 2016 model-year vehicles next March, starting with those that have 8-inch MyLink touchscreen systems. That's going to be a long half-year wait if you're eager to get Google Maps directions through the center stack. The good news? Chevy is promising that all vehicles with 7- and 8-inch MyLink displays (ranging from the Spark to the Corvette) will eventually have Android Auto, so you won't have to drive one of the brand's swankier machines to get a smartphone-powered infotainment deck.

This article by Jon Fingas originally ran on Engadget, the definitive guide to this connected life.

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