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Two Wheels
Royal Enfield shows off retro-futuristic Concept KX bike

EICMA concept blends 1938 details with modern, muscular style

EICMA concept blends 1938 details with modern, muscular style.

Converted Enfield EV 'Flux Capacitor' blazes down the drag strip

1,000-Horsepower Little Beast Needs Anti-Wheelie Bars

Rebuilt UK EV Enfield beats its old quarter-mile time by more than a second at Santa Pod.

Watch the Flux Capacitor make its drag strip debut

Little EV Topps Out At More Than 101 MPH, Roasts Tires

Rebuilt Enfield 8000 aka "Flux Capacitor" shows off its speed in six-minute video.

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Meet the Enfield Electric that now needs wheelie bars

First Built In The 1970s, A Revamped EV Can Hit 100 MPH

The Enfield 8000 Electric City Car was a tiny, handbuilt, all-electric product of the oil crises in the seventies. A British enthusiast has turned one into a high-po electric dragster, swapping its 6-kWh motor for one with 1,003 horsepower.

Remembering the tiny, quirky Enfield Electric Car from the 1970s [w/video]

Bell bottoms and oversized collars from the 1970s might strike some as kitschy, but the concept of an urban electric vehicle pioneered by UK-based Enfield during the early part of that decade remains current. With Nissan starting production of its all-electric Leaf in Sunderland in the UK earlier this year, the BBC recounts the brief hi

UK journalist ready to soup up old Enfield EV

A UK-based car journalist has bought a 1974 Enfield 8000 battery-electric vehicle and has big? little? big plans to soup up the two-seater with a modern, more powerful electric motor. The car's original electric motor was damaged in a flood, according to writer Jonny Smith's blog.

Review: 2010 Royal Enfield G5 Classic is a real-world time machine

2010 Royal Enfield G5 Classic - Click above for high-res image gallery