Watch the Flux Capacitor make its drag strip debut

Little EV Topps Out At More Than 101 MPH, Roasts Tires

There's no way a DeLorean can possibly match that. A rebuilt Enfield 8000 ECC (Electric City Car), nicknamed the Flux Capacitor (after, of course, the time-traveling DeLorean of "Back to the Future" fame) was taken to the UK's Santa Pod Raceway for some quarter-mile runs for its maiden voyage in April. And those passes were rather brisk.

A six-minute video shows Flux Capacitor owner Jonny Smith putting the little bitty (68-inch wheelbase, to be precise) vehicle through its paces. Smith had bought the flood-damaged 1975 EV in 2012 and has been rebuilding it since. In the process, he boosted its horsepower from eight to potentially more than 1,000. That accounts for the wheelie-bars on the vehicle (and the tire smoke in the picture above).

Smith notes that the car accelerates like "warp speed" and "sounds like the London Underground." And the vehicle ended up turning in a quarter-mile time of 12.6 seconds — about a second slower than a stock Tesla Model S 85D — with a top speed of more than 100 miles per hour. The original could only top out at about 40 mph, so there's good reason our protagonist had on a helmet and fire suit.

As impressive as those runs were, the effort is not over. Using only 1,400 of 2,000 available amps, and at a significantly lower voltage than what it has available, Smith figures there's still more in the tank, so to speak. Still, even with the roll cage, we're not convinced we'd want to go much faster in the thing. Eighty-eight mph would probably be plenty.

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