This spring, the UK's Jonny Smith got his rebuilt 1975 Enfield 8000 electric city car to run a quarter mile at the UK's Santa Pod Raceway in 12.6 seconds. Impressive, right? Smith wasn't satisfied, so he went to the FIA European Nationals at Santa Pod to beat his time, and by a substantial amount. He ultimately lost a drag race to a souped-up and notably newer Nissan, but the 40-year-old vehicle more than held its own, according to Recombu.

The Enfield, which Smith nicknamed "Flux Capacitor" in a nod to the Back to the Future film franchise, is now the Europe's "fastest street-legal electric car," meaning that it can challenge even the most amped-up version of the Tesla Model S sedan in a drag race. The Enfield, which is shorter than the original Mini and is equipped with anti-wheelie bars, made a quarter-mile run in less than 11 seconds. In fact, it can go from 0 to 100 miles per hour in less than seven seconds, and it boasts 1,000 horsepower.

Smith bought the flood-damaged vehicle three years and has been a madman souping up the car ever since. About 120 of the Enfield EVs were originally built, and they have a 68-inch wheelbase and had an original top speed of less than 40 miles per hour (and it took more than 12 seconds to hit that top speed). About a quarter of those cars may still be around, although none are quite as quick as Smith's. You can see a video of the car's recent exploits above.

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