It's one thing to make a battery to power a car going 80 to 100 miles. It's another to make one that can power a vacuum cleaner trying to pull dog hair out of a thick carpet. Ann Arbor, MI-based battery start-up Sakti3 hopes its products can do both.

The company, which was spun off from the University of Michigan, recently received a $15-million equity investment from cordless vacuum-cleaner maker Dyson, the Detroit Free Press says. General Motors and Silicon Valley-based Khosla Ventures, which both are previous investors in Sakti3, lead a group that kicked in another $5 million to bring the most recent funding round to an even $20 million.

Dyson apparently believes that Sakti3's solid-state battery technology (which uses solid lithium electrodes instead of fluid) provides enough energy density to lengthen the amount of time the vacuum cleaners can run before needing a recharge. In fact, Sakti3 has estimated that its batteries have the potential to provide twice the energy density of a standard lithium-ion battery.

Sakti3, which has raised about $50 million so far, continues to look for such displays of support as it touts itself as a battery maker and lithium-ion alternative for plug in vehicles.

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