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Trump wants to keep 25 percent tariff on imported Korean trucks.

South Korean auto companies believe that Washington will also seek to increase the 25,000-vehicle per U.S. automaker threshold for U.S. car shipments to South Korea.


U.S. Chamber of Commerce accuses Trump of "poison pill proposals"

Trade experts say the NAFTA talks are likely to stall in the face of aggressive U.S. attempts to sharply increase content requirements for autos and auto parts.


The billionaire called for policies that would have benefited his investments.

Senator Tammy Duckworth cites a potential conflict of interest.


The President's Advisory Council on Infrastructure will never get off the ground.

"The President's Advisory Council on Infrastructure, which was still being formed, will not move forward."


President Trump used Twitter to announce the end of two advisory forums.

"General Motors is about unity and inclusion and so am I."


EPA is asking the public for comments on Obama-era policy.


Limiters were supported by truckers and safety agencies.


How might automakers like Hyundai and Kia be affected?

The U.S. goods trade deficit with South Korea has more than doubled since the U.S.-Korea free trade pact known as KORUS took effect in 2012.


Paris decision may have been 'yuge' for e-bus demand

Electric bus maker Proterra secures another $55 million in equity funding, while Trump's Paris decision may have boosted sales.


Even the oil companies urged against this and want to be part of the solution.

What will this mean for the environment, the auto and oil industries, and the country's place at the global table?


GAC Motor plans to begin selling cars in the United States in 2019.

Which presidential name with they choose next?


It fails to make its reserve price but sells after the gavel.

The art of the post-auction deal.


The nation's trucking industry visited the White House. Then this happened.


It's less likely the decision itself was made for those reasons, but the free PR boost is a nice bonus.


He promises nation 'will once again shine with industrial might.'

Following today's events in the Detroit area.


He'll likely also push health-care plan.

It's not yet clear what if anything he'll be announcing in Detroit.

Spy Shots

Still, some Model 3 customers are canceling their orders.

Musk maintains that his efforts are "doing good" and that it would be "wrong" to leave Trump's economic advisory council.


Musk said his participation in the meeting doesn't mean he supports recent policies.