General Motors stars on "The Apprentice" again

On Monday's "The Apprentice," contestants were charged with developing the "most entertaining training event" for Chevy dealers. Having been to a dealer training or two, we know they're interesting enough what with numerous demonstrations of the various features and options, deep dives into the psyches of potential buyers and thorough reviews of the competition.

On Monday's episode, however, Chevrolet General Director of Advertising & Promotions Kim Kosak and Chevrolet Vehicle Line Executive Gary White met with the two teams of potential Trump lackies to prep them before they created a three-hour training session for Chevy marketing gurus and dealers focusing on the 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe. Golf, models, a comedian, an open bar and a general lack of knowledge about the Tahoe all drove team Gold Rush over the proverbial cliff, while Synergy's knowledge of the truck and outdoorsy activities (fly fishing, anyone?) around which the training was planned struck gold with dealers.

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