Donald Trump to give away hundreds of electric Smart cars

Gajillionaire Donald Trump wants to spend £1 billion ($2,005,048,751.80) building the world's largest golf resort. It would feature two golf courses along with a 5-star hotel on 1,400 acres of "spectacular sand dunes" at Balmedie Beach in northeast Scotland. Not surprisingly, there is some amount of environmental criticism of the plan. To silence the critics, "The Donald" is planning on supplying each of the 500 planned properties, and possibly some for the 950 other holiday homes intended for the area, with their very own Smart ed.

If you're worried that Mr. Trump is just using some electric cars to greenwash his project, don't. His assistant in Scotland, George Sorial, assures, "We aim to protect and enhance the environment in everything we do." While it seems likely the development will eventually happen, we suggest the local inhabitants "see" his electric car and "raise" him a wind and solar farm. Check out the gallery below for photographs by Brian Morgan, Richard Le Sueur and Derek Ironside of the breathtaking seaside vistas Trump plans to destroy enhance with his development for wealthy vacationers.


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