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Tesla sinks nearly to the bottom of Consumer Reports reliability survey

Models X and S fare poorly, but Model 3 retains 'recommended' rating

Models X and S fare poorly, but Model 3 retains 'recommended' rating

Redone 2013 Honda Civic seems to appease Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports and the Honda Civic appear to have kissed and made up. Following the compact's substantial "emergency refresh" after just one year on the market, CR got its hands on the vehicle for a quick drive. While the evaluation was far from the standard CR test, the organization found the 2013 Civic to offer a better tuned suspension and less vague steering at first bl

Honda warns dealers to clear out 2012 Civic stock, 2013 emergency refresh on sale Nov. 29

Thanks to an anonymous tipster, Autoblog has learned that the so-called "emergency refresh" of the Honda Civic is just around the corner. In fact, the automaker is already urging its dealers to clear out remaining 2012 model year stock because "The changes made to the 2013 model will make the outgoing 2012 Civic a difficult model

Revised Chrysler 300 V6 joins Hyundai Genesis atop Consumer Reports large sedan ratings

In the not too distant past, large sedans had devolved into largely boring highway cruisers destined for lives consisting of annual trips from New York to South Florida. Thankfully, the industry's latest crop of big four-doors actually brings improved quality and a more enjoyable driving experience to the table. This couldn't be any more evident than the new large sedans that Consumer Reports recently tested and rated. While the

2012 Toyota Camry gets Consumer Reports "Recommended" rating

Toyota was once the unquestioned lead sled dog when it comes to the Consumer Reports "Recommended" list, but the automaker and the consumer advocacy group have had a bit of a falling out over the past couple years. In 2010, the publication removed the Recommended ratings of many models as a result of Toyota's unintended acceleration controver

Consumer Reports tags Chevy Volt as Recommended [w/video]

Despite its relatively low score of only 67 points, Consumer Reports has now officially collected sufficient data to evaluate the Chevrolet Volt from a reliability perspective. So, how'd the Volt fare?

2012 Honda Civic Hybrid loses Consumer Reports' Recommended rating

As we've stated before, there's truly no greater sin in the automotive world than replacing a worthy vehicle with an inferior machine. According to Consumer Reports, that's exactly what Honda has done... again.

Consumer Reports calls out six cars it says are worse than their predecessors

Six cars that CR says are worse than their predecessors – Click above for high-res image gallery

Consumer Reports may restore Toyota "Recommended" ratings next week

Consumer Reports may be ready to offer a vote of confidence in Toyota, depending on the outcome of the Japanese automaker's current Congressional Hearings on Toyota Safety here in the United States, says CR Senior Director David Champion.