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REPORT: GM to give China dedicated vehicle, launch up to 30 models there in five years

According to Automotive News China, at least one new inexpensive model from Buick or Chevrolet will be dedicated to the Chinese and other emerging markets. The undisclosed model will arrive before 2011. In addition, two more Buick-badged vehicles, and four more wearing Chevrolet logos, will roll into Chinese showrooms in the next two years.

GM expects sales in China to grow 20% in 2009

General Motors boasted in April that it would double sales in China by 2013 with the introduction of 30 new or upgraded models over the next five years.

Volvo's suitor of the week: China's Chery

Following up on our report last month about Volvo possibly going to the Chinese, state media is now reporting that Chery Automobile, one of the largest independent and fastest growing Chinese auto manufacturers, has its eyes on the Swedish automaker. Although officials at Chery rule out the possibility of buying Volvo, other sources have stated that the C

Shanghai Auto Show: LIVE shots of Chery A6CC Concept

click above image to view more images of the Chery A6CC Concept

Shanghai Auto Show: LIVE shots of the Chery Shooting Sport

click above image to view more high-res images of the Chery Shooting Sport

Changfeng wants to bring Chinese pickups/SUVs to the US

Changfeng Motor Company took a pair each of SUVs and pickup trucks to the NAIAS in Detroit as a first salvo at attacking the US market. Changfeng is a state-owned manufacturer that used to build vehicles for the Chinese army. Before you walk away snickering, consider this; Changfeng is hot to start exports to the US within 3 years, they claim they can meet US standards for emissions and safety, and they've enlisted the design hand of Pininfarina. A bargain-priced Italian-styled vehicle with a hi

Geely Fengyin Concept: Chinese take a wrong turn at Aztek

Our colleagues at Autoblog Chinese caught this concept from Geely called the Fengyin hanging out by the curb. It reminds us of exactly what a fifth-grader would produce were he given a Pontiac Aztek and an unlimited budget. The exterior design gives us paper cuts just looking at it, and the interior is, well, not finished we hope. The boys report back that the Fengyin does have a couple tricks it performs, like voice-activated door opening. Considering the state of the interior, however, we'd be

Official pics of Roewe's new ride: the 750E

Thanks to our colleagues reporting from their home turf on Autoblog Chinese, we now have the first official shots of the Rover 75-based sedan from Roewe, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp.'s (SAIC) newly minted brand. We've shown you spy shots of the large sedan, but these are the first official pics that show off the new sedan's front end. The shape of the face is a bit Rover-esque, but the new fascia incorporates a large c

Surprise! Ford buys Rover name from BMW

Ford informed BMW today that it would be exercising its right to buy the Rover name from the German automaker and also announced that it will not be putting it up for sale. The Detroit automaker purchased Land Rover from BMW in 2000 and has since had the option to buy the Rover name or at least first refusal rights if BMW tried to sell the name to a third party. Well, that's exactly what BMW tried to do and had reportedly arranged a deal already with Chinese automaker Shanghai Automotive Corp. (

Ohio stockin' up on Chinese vehicles

Those who're reckoning to check out the first Chinese vehicle coming to the U.S. may want to book a trip to Columbus, Ohio. Sib site Blogging Ohio posts that not one, but two auto distributors have obtained the rights to distribute Chinese vehicles.

Another Chinese automaker wants in on U.S.

Hebei Zhongzing is the name of yet another Chinese automaker that plans to have its vehicles sold in the U.S. ZX Automobile Co. of North America, which is a subsidiary of China America Automotive Inc., claims that it will be selling SUVs and pickups manufactured by Hebei Zhongzing in the U.S. by late 2007.

Geely KingKong let loose on unsuspecting Chinese public

From the desk of our Chinese affiliate comes word that Geely has unveiled the KingKong, a compact sedan with apparently mighty aspirations. The newest Geely model will be available with 1.5L, 1.6L and 1.8L DOHC, 16-valve engines, all of which were developed in-house by Geely and meet European emissions standards. The KingKong will be available in Sky Blue, Silk Silver, Snow Mountain White and, of course, Chinese Red.

Toyota making big push to unseat GM in China?

Despite being well positioned as China's number one automaker, General Motors appears to be looking its rearview mirror. Rival Toyota was slow to get started in the world's fastest growing automotive marketplace, but the manufacturer is rapidly picking up speed.

Is Camry the new 'old folks' car?

The Toyota Camry is one of the most successful cars in the U.S., having outsold all other sedans since 1997. But can it sustain its crown? Ted Evanoff of the Indianapolis Star writes that the vehicle may be suffering an image problem.

How automakers are arming the Chinese car invasion

How important is the Chinese market to such automakers as Volkswagen, Honda and General Motors? Important enough that virtually every major automaker is not only building modern plants in the Middle Kingdom but sharing their proprietary technologies. The Toyota Prius, for example, is assembled in China as well as Japan.