Ohio stockin' up on Chinese vehicles

Those who're reckoning to check out the first Chinese vehicle coming to the U.S. may want to book a trip to Columbus, Ohio. Sib site Blogging Ohio posts that not one, but two auto distributors have obtained the rights to distribute Chinese vehicles.

The Ricart Automotive Group will be distributing vehicles from the China Motor Company while the Midwestern Auto Group will distribute vehicles from Chery Automotive. Interestingly, there will be very little competition between the two groups since their respected automakers are targeting different car segments. China Motor Co. will be competing against the Accord, Camry, Fusion, Impala, and Sonata while Chery aims to compete against the luxury brands like Cadillac and Lexus. (Pictured is the Grunder from the China Motor Co.)

[Source: Business First of Columbus via Blogging Ohio]

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