Huatai Concept - Click above for a gallery

Hot on the heels of Geely's "this is not a Rolls-Royce Phantom" GE, Chinese automaker Hautai is apparently busy working on its own new luxury vehicle, one that would appear to borrow liberally from the Bentley Boys. Huatai Automobile Group, based in Beijing, specializes in SUVs, so this model would represent something of a marked departure for them. HAG reportedly has the capacity to build 200,000 vehicles annually, and they have R&D centers in China, South Korea, and Germany. Last month, the private automaker reported sales up nearly 150 percent from last year.

Still unnamed (allow us to suggest: "This is not a Bentley Continental"), the four-door detailed in these images offers more than a striking resemblance to Bentley's admittedly comely Flying Spur. At the moment, details about the new sedan are about as shallow as the depth of the designers who have penned it, but we'll have more details for you as they become available.

Source: ChinaCarTimes | Images: Che168]

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