Be posh and green. Chauffeur-First to use Lexus Hybrids

The famous Congestion Charge in central London is speeding alternatives from chauffeur companies, which are switching to greener cars for their fleets. Some have downsized to Toyota Priuses but Chauffeur-First is switching to 18 Lexus GS 600h and 5 Lexus GS 450h hybrids. Their plans are to phase out current BMW, Mercedes, Audi and gas-only Lexus models in favor of the hybrid offerings, retaining only a contingent of Chrysler Grand Voyager MPVs for use when extra capacity is required.
The company has introduced these models not only to save some pounds in Congestion Tax but also because of the higher mileage of the vehicles and smoothness of the CVT transmission for city driving. They also expect to get a chunk of the executive-but-green market. "We're excited about it, and our customers think it's wonderful. That's because every company has been coming out with carbon-neutrality statements, yet ground transportation has remained a problem for them" says Chauffeur-First's Sales Director Alex Bell.

[Source: Lexus and Chauffeur-First]

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