UK firm offers chauffeured Bentley service for just 2K/week

Anyone who's gotten married or has had to arrange for chauffeur-driven transportation for an event knows that with the hourly rates limo services charge, the bill adds up in a hurry. James Alice, a UK car-for-hire firm, built its reputation hiring out high-end cars such as the Bentley Arnage, BMW 7 Series, and an Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Volante, primarily for wedding use, based on what's detailed on the company's website.

James Alise is ready to turn the conventional wisdom on it's head, however, by adding a new service. They will provide customers with a chauffeur-driven Arnage for a week. The cost? A flat £2,000. Want the Bimmer instead (why anyone would is a good question)? That's just £1,750. Those prices include unlimited mileage. The only cost above and beyond the stated rate is for fuel.

So if you're heading to the St. Ives area and want to roll in ultimate style, these folks will be able to accomodate you.

[Source: Auto Industry]

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