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We're still early in the holiday movie season, but the clear early winner is the blockbuster world-ending thriller 2012. The pic cleared $65 million in its first weekend in the U.S. and a stunning $265 million around the globe. If you have already seen the movie or if you've just checked out the five minute clip we showed you last month, then you know this disaster flick is chock-full of CGI destruction on a scale we quite frankly have never seen before. And our favorite scene stars a Lincoln Town Car limo that somehow manages to survive (like the Panther platform upon which it is based) while the virtual world quite literally crumbles around it. It makes us wonder how that scene was made to look so damn real.

Well, we didn't have to wonder for long, because YouTube has come to the rescue with video of how the scene was created. A company called SWAY Studio created a simulator/program called Drive-A-Tron that works like a virtual stunt driving machine with very realistic-looking results. The simulator features a real steering wheel, along with brake and accelerator pedals to capture the action in real time. SWAY reconfigured the machine for the big screen action flick so the program could interact with moving terrain, and since the system features true to life engine, suspension and even tire inputs, the final product looks pretty damn real to us. Hit the jump to watch how the Lincoln Town Car limo scene was created. Pretty interesting stuff.

[Source: Raging Artists]

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