Panel: Evolved design for an autonomous age | UPSHIFT 2016

Autonomy opens a world of opportunity to car designers. Join our panel of designers and thought leaders as we explore how driverless cars will activate a design revolution. This panel includes, Mark Prommel or Pensa, Dr.Melissa Cefkin of Nissan Research Center, Paul Snyder of College for Creative Studies, and writer Brett Berk.

Read partial bios here:

Mark Prommel is a partner and the design director at Pensa where he leads and mentors a diverse group of multi-disciplinary designers working at the crossroads of design and invention.

Dr. Melissa Cefkin leads the Human Understanding and Design practice at the Nissan Research Center - Silicon Valley, which focuses on exploring the potential future of having autonomous vehicles as interactive agents in the world.

Paul Snyder is Chair of Transportation Design at College for Creative Studies. Automotive designer and alumnus ('87 Transportation Design) Paul Snyder's experience spans four continents and encompasses both exterior and interior development for a number of automotive brands, including Ford, Lincoln, Renault, Honda and Acura.

Brett Berk is a freelance writer who focuses on the intersection of the automobile and popular culture. His work has appeared in an almost unconscionable range of publications including Billboard, Businessweek, Car and Driver, CNN, Details, ELLE Decor, GQ, The L.A. Times, Popular Mechanics, Travel + Leisure, Vogue, Wired, and Vanity Fair.

Full bios can be found here.
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