Designing Tomorrow's Vehicles At CCS Detroit | Translogic 207

The College for Creative Studies churns out some of the best car designers in the world

The College for Creative Studies in Detroit is one of the most respected schools for transportation design in the world. Students learn everything from sketching, to clay modeling, to full on computer-aided design. Unsurprisingly, some of the best automotive designers are trained right here at the school. On this Translogic, host Jonathon Buckley learns about the history of the school and meets a future superstar in the automotive design field.

Bucko starts his tour with a history lesson from Paul Snyder, chair of transportation design at CCS. "The building that we're in was originally called the argonaut building and housed the very first research and development center," says Snyder. It's a bit poetic that in a place where so many iconic design techniques were invented, students are now learning these techniques and more in order to take on the modern design world.

After learning a bit more about the school and the types of things the students are taught, Bucko gets hands-on and learns how to draw a car. CCS student Andrew Rudd gives our host a tutorial on the finer points of transportation design.

If you'd like to watch the full exchange between Jonathon and Andrew, check out the special feature on how to draw a car, available below. Otherwise, join us for this especially artistic episode of Translogic!

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